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Sigmai has proven experience assessing and managing complex, sophisticated logistic projects
from the initial stage of negotiations through the execution and final delivery at destination.
We help the transacting parties –

  • Assess the project’s logistic feasibility,
  • Identify possible risks and have ready alternatives to –
  • Ensure a foolproof scenario.

To do so, we study the type of material, the weight and dimension of the components, the
packaging possibilities, what special loading equipment the cargo requires, whether the chosen
ports have the facilities to handle irregular cargo, what are the customs regulations, and finally
the best and safest transportation options.

Our turnkey logistic solutions have been a significant asset to many of our customers when
building long term commercial commitments with their business partners

Sigmai is proud to be a member of Global Projects Logistics Network GPLN, a group of
independent companies specializing in international multi-modal projects. Being members
of GPLN gives us a professional and logistic edge to assist our customers with the best in the
field professional collaboration from GPLN members worldwide (read more in our network).

Whatever your prospects, large or small, play it safe – let us give you an expert analysis and
assessment of the project, its constraints and requirements so that we can tailor a winning
solution for you.

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Middle East and Arab Countries

Sigmai Trade & Logistics Ltd. has developed its forwarding operations through the border
crossings with Jordan and from them through the airport of Amman or the sea port of Aqaba
to the rest of the world. Israeli importers and exporters benefit from the shortest, fastest
and most cost effective gateway
to and from countries with which they cannot trade directly.

Transporting via Jordan has also encouraged and developed our ties with commercial companies
from the Palestinian Authority handling their import and export through our network facilities.

Through its vast network of forwarding and logistic affiliations, Sigmai has paved innovative
transportation routes to and from destinations in Africa and Asia, such as Pakistan and
Bangladesh, and The Gulf Emirates – providing solid documentary solutions to overcome
political or geographical constraints.

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Sigmai, through its network of affiliates in Africa offers to simplify the import process for you. We verify all import requirements, fill-in the forms and submit the applications and generally ensure a smooth process for all parties involved.

Trade terms in Africa often required the seller to cover delivery to inland destination or warehouse.  Local services can be difficult to evaluate and negotiate remotely, however, the same network of agents can quote for these services at the initial bidding and later executed them, ensuring safe and timely delivery of your cargo to its destination.



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International trade & logistics is about borderless traffic, overcoming any obstacle
or constrain to successfully build prosperous commercial relations.   The stronger
and wider the global forwarding network the better the service one can offer.

Sigmai is proud of its dedicated affiliated agencies providing customers updated
information on trade regulations and quoting competitively on the complete range
of services required. 

Being a member of international forwarding and logistics networks enables Sigmai to extend its
professional reach to provide its customers the best service in any geographic region.

World class affiliations and memberships

WFN is a network of world class certified, reliable and reputable forwarding agencies.
WFM maintains its standard by selecting its members carefully and imposing strict regulatory
criteria. WFM members are committed to provide other members quality services and competitive
prices and are backed for their performance and credibility by the organization.

Access to such a multi-layered network makes it possible to assess all the forwarding and logistic
parameters in remote destinations before executing the shipment.  Local agents can examine the
actual conditions and quote accurately for local delivery services to rural and often difficult to
access destinations.

This is useful when undertaking complex full turnkey projects management and has proven time
and again that advance information and preparation are priceless.

The Global Project Logistics Network (GPLN) – The right people in the right places.
GPLN is a professional projects logistics network of independent companies specializing in
international projects. GPLN members are the world’s finest projects specialists locally and
regionally in every major area of the globe.

As a member of GPLN Sigmai has access to project cargo experts and independent project
logistics specialist companies from around the world focusing on helping solve our customer’s
logistic challenges in the best way possible.

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Sigmai operates its own subsidiary in the USA providing our customers direct services all under
the same Sigmai umbrella, with complete transparency of the forwarding process – no agents involved.

Sigmai USA is a licensed NVOCC Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier with impressive service
contracts offering both customers and agents simplified procedures and beneficial prices with
leading marine carriers to and from the USA.

  • We established a reputation for providing accommodating service for all USA related
    import and export procedures.
  • We cover the entire range of services – FCL, consolidations, special equipment such as
    flat and open top containers;
  • We provide logistic services to the food industry in refrigerated containers and handle
    hazardous consignments for the chemicals industry and overcome any out of gauge

We handle all import and export formalities directly with the US customs authority accessed
directly on-line form our offices.  Sigmai customers trading with the USA enjoy top quality
forwarding, logistics and customs brokerage from a professional and flexible team without
a trace of the bureaucratic complexity that can be caused by the strict import formalities.

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Sigmai is the exclusive agent of Braid Logistics in providing flexitank services in Israel. Flexitanks are an innovative and creative solution for moving liquid cargo and are used to replace ISO TANK

Sigmai and Braid have got teams on the ground in every continent and all the major ports. Their local knowledge means projects get expedited, paperwork gets perfected and problems are easily solved.

The Braid Industrial Flexitank is trusted by the world’s leading brands to carry chemicals, oils, lubricants, enzymes and many other non-hazardous liquids. Whether it’s a cold liquid or filled hot, whether it’s aggressive or requires specialised heating, the Braid flexitank is designed to meet your specific needs.

Tested to exceed industry norms for product contaminant and with a dedicated global technical team, we can help you find the perfect logistics solution for your product.
Sigmai and Braid are with you every step of the way, advising you on the right flexitank, the right documentation, the right filling and discharge techniques.

We have a team on the ground where you’re on the ground. Our customer service is excellent, test our strength.
The Braid difference starts even before we create your flexitank. We design the flexitank around the consignment to be carried. We never adopt a one size fits all policy.

We know the source of every component down to polymer level. All flexitanks are created in a sterile FSSC22000 environment. All materials are tested in our in-house lab. This unique level of care enables us to give 100% guarantees against leaks and taint.

Your product will arrive at its destination in exactly the perfect condition it left you. Your brand integrity will be protected and your peace of mind assured.

Our services

  • We ship products from A to B anywhere in the world
  • We offer end to end logistics – fitting, loading, shipping, discharge
  • more than 76 exclusive agents worldwide
  • Warehouse facilities worldwide
  • Innovative heating systems to complement our flexitank, making liquid products that solidify over time, shippable and dischargeable
  • Global technical team to design solutions to every liquid logistics challenge


You can choose just how much involvement you want from us:

  1. Flexitank only
    We would simply supply you with the ‘bag’ itself and then leave the rest to you.
  2. Flexitank Supply&Fit
    We would supply you with the ‘bag’ and then supervise the filling of it.
  3. Complete Turnkey Door-to- Door
    Leave everything to the experts. We will take care of absolutely everything from A-Z , including the shipping and logistics.
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Year of experience in freight forwarding has given us abundant experience providing marine
and air charter services to our customers. In situations where entire projects, outsized heavy
equipment or critical shipments have to be transported and cannot be shipped with regular
commercial carriers as they require special handling, a charter can be the most practical
and best logistic solution.

To offer this service professionally, Sigmai has developed an excellent database of individual
operators from which aircrafts and vessels can be chosen to answer the cargo specific needs.
When time is of an essence, and you want direct transportation to your destination,
no transshipments or unnecessary stops along the route, chartered carriers save not only
money but also time as it is a direct door-to-door service.

Sigmai’s reliable charter services handle all the licenses and export requirements:

  • Clearing the vessel/aircraft with the port authorities at the departure and destination
  • Preparing all the required documentation for the carrier and the cargo including customs
    clearance at departure
  • Issuing the air waybill/bill of lading
  • Ensuring the safe transportation and arrival of the cargo to its destination..


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Customs Clearance

Customs regulations are at the gateway of any international trade shipment.  Regulated locally at
the import and export ports they vary according to the nature of your commodity, the mode of
shipment and the accompanying documentation.  Any oversight may delay the shipment, and
damage your business and reputation.

Sigmai, through our affiliates deployed worldwide, verifies that the customs requirements are
clear and duly fulfilled, and provides reliable customs brokerage that clear the cargo smoothly
in any continent and at any port.  We simplify processes and the submission of forms by using
on-line software tools available by customs authorities.

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Sigmai Asia Ltd. is a Sigmai owned agency registered in Hong Kong. Sigmai Asia is our customers’
ultimate service provider focused on shipments to and from destinations in Asia, Pakistan,
Bangladesh, The Gulf Emirates and all other international markets.

Israeli importers and other international markets benefit from Sigmai’s strong logistics potential
in China together with our own attractive service contracts securing smooth operations and good
pricing for our customers.

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