Year of experience in freight forwarding has given us abundant experience providing marine and air charter services to our customers. In situations where entire projects, outsized heavy equipment or critical shipments have to be transported and cannot be shipped with regular commercial carriers as they require special handling, a charter can be the most practical
and best logistic solution.

To offer this service professionally, Sigmai has developed an excellent database of individual operators from which aircrafts and vessels can be chosen to answer the cargo specific needs.
When time is of an essence, and you want direct transportation to your destination, no transshipments or unnecessary stops along the route, chartered carriers save not only money but also time as it is a direct door-to-door service.

Sigmai’s reliable charter services handle all the licenses and export requirements:

  • Clearing the vessel/aircraft with the port authorities at the departure and destination
  • Preparing all the required documentation for the carrier and the cargo including customs
    clearance at departure
  • Issuing the air waybill/bill of lading
  • Ensuring the safe transportation and arrival of the cargo to its destination..

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