Project Management & Solutions

Sigmai has proven experience assessing and managing complex, sophisticated logistic projects from the initial stage of negotiations through the execution and final delivery at destination.
We help the transacting parties –

  • Assess the project’s logistic feasibility,
  • Identify possible risks and have ready alternatives to –
  • Ensure a foolproof scenario.

To do so, we study the type of material, the weight and dimension of the components, the packaging possibilities, what special loading equipment the cargo requires, whether the chosen ports have the facilities to handle irregular cargo, what are the customs regulations, and finally the best and safest transportation options.

Our turnkey logistic solutions have been a significant asset to many of our customers when building long term commercial commitments with their business partners.

Sigmai is proud to be a member of Global Projects Logistics Network GPLN, a group of independent companies specializing in international multi-modal projects. Being members of GPLN gives us a professional and logistic edge to assist our customers with the best in the field professional collaboration from GPLN members worldwide (read more in ‘our network‘).

Whatever your prospects, large or small, play it safe – let us give you an expert analysis and assessment of the project, its constraints and equirements so that we can tailor a winning solution for you.

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