Sigmai’s extensive commercial relations and long term agreements with ocean and air freight carriers give our customers preferential rates and priority service on any route.
We handle your shipments from the initial order to the delivery confirmation at destination proficiently, seamlessly and on schedule. 

Marine and Air Freight

Marine and air freight carry the bulk of the international forwarding business.
Key accounts with leading marine and air freight carriers enable us access to almost any location and destination and give us flexibility to customize the best solution for your specific needs.
Door-to-door, multimodal or third party drop shipments are all handled with the same proficiency and care, recruiting our strong network of agencies, customs brokers and carriers to ship your commodities safely, efficiently and on time.

Sigmai provides any freight services required to complete the supply chain cycle and handle the shipment from the initial order to delivery acceptance.  These include:

  • Cargo consolidation,
  • Land transportation,
  • Warehousing and bonded facilities,
  • Customs clearance at the departure and destination ports, as well as
  • Applications for market specific import certification that may be required.

Land Transportation

Land transportation is an integral link in the supply chain handling the merchandise to and from the port.  Being able to have control over the pricing of the shipment door-to-door can be advantageous when negotiating the commercial terms.  Incorporating low cost truck and rail
options into the total cost of the transaction gives our customers beneficial margins on their expenses.

Sigmai, through our network of forwarders and customs agents offers attractive prices and tailored packages for all forwarding and logistic services.

Third Party Shipments – DROP

In a changing world where manufacturing facilities are geographically on the move to specified markets the global village makes third party purchasing commonplace, increasing the need to manage supply chain operations from and to locations that are foreign to the transacting parties.

Such a service requires understanding the trade requirements of all parties and countries involved and a delicate handling of documentation.

This is simplified through a solid network of professional agents with vast geographic deployment, capable of quoting local service and handling complex documentary transactions skillfully and discretely.

With many of our customers active globally and taking advantage of this service we handle third party shipments regularly, efficiently and to your full satisfaction.

Hazardous and Out of Gauge Cargo

Sigmai handles any type of irregular shipments professionally, efficiently and on schedule.

Hazardous and out-of-gauge shipment should be planned ahead, taking into account the entire supply chain form source to destination.

Hazardous shipments have booking restrictions, and must comply with international safety standards and regulations. Our team has the know-how to handle hazardous goods, prepare the necessary documents and help with the formalities for customs at departure and destination; we locate approved carriers with the best schedule and rates and confirms bookings to meet your deadlines.

Out-of-gauge shipments also require foresight and planning.  When handling irregular sized shipment we check the compatibility of the entire supply chain services.  This includes special land transportation means and
authorizations, port facilities such as special cranes and lifting equipment,
planning the stacking on the vessel and booking the cargo throughout the
transshipment ports ensuring that the same process goes smoothly at the

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