Our Network

International trade & logistics is about borderless traffic, overcoming any obstacle or constrain to successfully build prosperous commercial relations.   The stronger and wider the global forwarding network the better the service one can offer.

Sigmai is proud of its dedicated affiliated agencies providing customers updated information on trade regulations and quoting competitively on the complete range of services required. 

Being a member of international forwarding and logistics networks enables Sigmai to extend its professional reach to provide its customers the best service in any geographic region.

World class affiliations and memberships

WFN is a network of world class certified, reliable and reputable forwarding agencies.
WFM maintains its standard by selecting its members carefully and imposing strict regulatory criteria. WFM members are committed to provide other members quality services and competitive prices and are backed for their performance and credibility by the organization.

Access to such a multi-layered network makes it possible to assess all the forwarding and logistic parameters in remote destinations before executing the shipment.  Local agents can examine the actual conditions and quote accurately for local delivery services to rural and often difficult to
access destinations.

This is useful when undertaking complex full turnkey projects management and has proven time and again that advance information and preparation are priceless.


The Global Project Logistics Network (GPLN) – The right people in the right places.
GPLN isa professional projects logistics network of independent companies specializing in international projects. GPLN members are the world’s finest projects specialists locally and regionally in every major area of the globe.

As a member of GPLN Sigmai has access to project cargo experts and independent project logistics specialist companies from around the world focusing on helping solve our customer’s logistic challenges in the best way possible.


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